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DING DING DING, it's time for a review and breaking the ice: IT'S A GOODEN.

I'm going to talk about the I Heart Revolution chocolate palettes.


I'm already familiar with these types of palettes as the white chocolate one (the naked chocolate palette) is already in my stash. I'm actually so hooked on that one, as the colours are so natural and pigmented.

Not spoken about the packaging. You guys, doesn't it just makes you feel SO HAPPY and crave chocolate at the same time? I really wanted to try out some more of these! Plus I Heart Revolution really is a brand that lays close to my heart, get it, get it.

For now, my attention lead to the orange one, I mean, I'm a fan of chocolate orange AND the colours in this palette look Superduper dreamy.

For quite a while now, they've also made tiny little versions of the chocolate palettes, and I'm even more stoked about the baby versions! It's like the little baby vs. the big daddy (or mommy?)

Being a fan of contour and highlight, the bronze and glow convinced me.

The colour of the bronzer and highlighter are both warm-toned. The bronzer is a very lovely matte brown. If a bronzer/contour isn't orange, they've already scored quite high on my rank actually.

Pigmentation from both products is very subtle, but I don't really mind that as personally I don't like to blend my contour for 3 hours, haha. The outcome of the product on the skin is very natural, which I prefer. I feel like the pigmentation of the colours are more vivid on my face than they are on the swatches. This is a really nice two piece product as the colours really blend nicely together. It's also very handy for travelling as you just have to pack 1 item and you're basically good to go.

So over on to the chocolate orange eyeshadow palette. In the palette you have a good mixture of shimmers and matte colours, however, the majority are matte ones. The colours in this are ones that I would genuinely wear on a regular day-to-day basis. And I mean cmon, it's just perfect for the Autumn days as well!

You also get a sponge applicator with it, but be honest, who ever uses the 'free' applicators?! Don't tell me you do.

I thought it would be fun to throw in Terry's chocolate oranges for a little bit of extra fun and to stay in the theme you knowwww. Oh and by the way, I'm OBSESSED with Terry's, It's SO BLOODY GOOD and reminds me of Christmas (can we already dream about Christmas!!!)

The smell of this palette is DI-VINE. It doesn't particularly smell like chocolate orange, however, it's a very fresh and a want-to-lick-the-eyeshadow smell (if that makes any sense).

As you can tell from the swatches, the colours are very pigmented, only the colour "segment" is a bit stiff and is the only colour that is a bit meh. Yet 'gift' is super creamy and so pigmented and shiny and glorious and is my favourite one in this palette. The shimmer 'in one' isn't really visible on my skin tone, but does have a great pigmentation. You only have to take a small amount on your brush to create a perfect "DANG BABY" eyeshadow look.

I didn't succeed at taking a pic of the transparant plastic that indicates the names on it, as it just reflected and wasn't visible to see! So I wrote the (adorable) names of the eyeshadows on the picture for you!

If you're curious, this is my top 3: gift - a combination of silky smooth and orange - ribbon (although, to be fair, it was very hard to choose).

Can you already tell these palettes have me hooked? They will get me through Autumn, that's fo sure!

I think my collection of the chocolate palettes is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger because I want to try them all out now! I'm sure I Heart Revolution has something out there for everyone!

Let me know if you have any experiences with the chocolate palettes and if you love them as much as I do!

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange Palette

I Heart Revolution Bronze and Glow Palette


Mylotte x

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