Here I am once again, feeling lost but now and then, I breathe it in and let it go...

Name that theme song.




It's me!!!

It's been a wee while hasn't it?

I have so much to say, I don't even know where to start.

These couple of months that I haven't been busy with my blog has been absolute BONKERS maaaaan. I can't even explain how much happened and how much I've actually struggled to deal with all of it.

Let me explain a little more...

At the start of January, I felt so ready and motivated to begin the whole new year. It was the year I looked forward to for so long, as I'm a final year student and there are going to be events happening that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Besides that, I think I've never felt more prepared with my blog and Instagram. Approximately I had over 50 Instagram photos ready to upload.

If you know me, you know that my whole life consists of capturing moments. Yet in January, a thunderbolt light stroke me. My iPhone 6s got stuck on the Apple logo, which resulted in losing ALL of my data. All my precious pictures, just thrown into a garbage bin.

And sadly enough, I wasn't that smart to save them elsewhere...

I'm the most sentimental person ever when it comes to pictures ( I take pictures of EVERYTHING in my life). It's sad to lose ALL of those moments, especially my holiday pics from Brighton (I had so many cool ones! :( )

I've tried EVERYTHING to get them back in any way possible. My phone even got examined at 2 different phone recovery laboratories (that shows how much I really want them back). Day by day, week by week, month by month, I had my hopes up. Praying they could get it fixed. Yet no luck, I was devastated.

I can't even explain how much it annoyed me not to post, not to write, not to be busy with the stuff that I love doing the most. And losing all my data has been the whole reason why I haven't done anything blog/Instagram wise anymore. This year was supposed to be SO DANG GOOD and I was SO prepared with everything and I worked SO hard to create good content, and that just SUCKS really bad.

I just didn't have ANY motivation to start all over again. I knew I had to start with 0 preparation. To do myself a favour, I want to create content in advance. And it honestly makes me sick to think how much I've worked for it, because I'm someone who needs time to make qualitative content because no, it isn't easy and it ain't all done in 1,2,3.

I know that this isn't the end of the world and there are SO much more worse things that could happen obviously. But for me, this was very important. So please take this from me and ALWAYS back up your data as you don't want to be in the same boat as me.

Speaking all negative, there were also moments during those couple of months that I will never forget, I've experienced some of the BEST moments ever ever ever.

I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason, and surely I won't make the same mistake again as I've deffo learned from it. And I feel like that's the most important thing, learn from your mistakes.

So now, there's nothing left for me to do than leaving my precious memories behind and starting to look forward.

In the meantime, I have been planning blogs and shooting pictures and they will go online ASAP.

So misses stupidly-forgot-to-back-up-her-phone is back in business honeyyyy ;).

Now that I've finally told that story, I just wanted to talk about my birthday week. I like to call it my birthday week as it was basically the most CELEBRATIVE week I've ever had (and the BUSIEST).

I had a party on Monday where I turned 18 that evening, Tuesday was my actual birthday and a party in the evening, Wednesday, I FREAKIN GRADUATED and on Thursday, I had my own MARVELOUS birthday party!

Okay so, let me first talk a bit more about graduating.......WOOOOO. I'm so proud of myself as I was so scared I wouldn't make it (my math isn't really that banging). I've actually done it and I could wear this ↑ outfit that I've planned for a good 3 months ahead (LOL). That night was the very last night we would all be gathered. I will honestly miss so many people and not gonna lie, I will miss secondary school fo' real. But it's time for something new, because change is good.

And last but not least, I turned 18 (!) years old. EIGHTEEN.

like I'm actually a grown-up woman now. Mind blown. I don't feel mature and I'll always have the song: "I don't wanna be told to grow up" stuck in the back of my head.

Like where has time gone where it was appropriate to play with your barbie dolls/sick cars and where we didn't worry about anything at all, except hoping that spaghetti was on the menu that evening.

It's weird to realize that we're starting to build our own future and that we have to make decisions, hoping that they'll be the right ones. Any peers that feel me?

Whatsoever, for my 18th I've thrown a paaartaaay. And it was NUTS (as well as planning it). I had about 150 balloons hanging up in the air and I had a freakin donut board, what more do you want! I had such an awesome time with all my beloved ones celebrating my Birthday as well as celebrating the end of secondary school and the end of all being together. I absolutely enjoyed every single moment of that evening and it was everything I ever could've wished for.

So with all the things I've learned from the past couple of months, I feel like I'm ready for a whole new chapter.

My suitcase is now packed to leave for Brighton and I'm really looking forward to getting recharged with so much inspiration. I lost myself, but I love myself too much to do so. (that sounds very selfish but it ain't, because loving yourself is the key to life.

Ps: that burned shoulder was on purpose, I swear...................(not really).

Star Crop Top - Rokoko (ASOS)

Trousers - ASOS

Leaf Earrings - Bershka (similar)

Heels - Bershka


Mylotte x

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