Today is a day that is dedicated to the one who's your dearest, who knows you the best, who's your best friend, who cares for you, who you want to spend every single day of your life with. Cherish those moments with the one you love, although I'm a firm believer that it should be Valentine's day every day. Yet it's a tradition that I L O V E as well (Not to cheesy please.... ;))

However, that's not what I want to talk to you about today.

In my environment, I hear a lot of people saying that they really WANT someone to spend their lives with.

I feel like we live in a world where it has become vital that we need a relationship to define our identity. We might question if there might be something wrong with us and why we can't be special to someone.

I wonder why that has become something that seems to be forced on us and that if we don't succeed, we are labelled as failures in love.

"Learn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you."

Someone might not be ready for a relationship because they might have other things in their life going on that are way more important. Is that alright? Or should we be following the trend of children and marriage?

Right now, I'm happy with the relationship that I'm building with myself. I've known for quite the time that I don't particularly need someone in my life to make me happy as I can perfectly do that myself.

I don't say I don't want anyone in my life, because if there is someone that would just be a big added bonus.

In my opinion, you should do things for your mental and spiritual self first before you can share this awesomeness with someone else.

I don't think you should look for love as that can cause to frustrations, self-doubt and unhappiness.

Do yourself a favour and just love yourself right at this moment because as you take care of yourself, love will come to you in ways you have never realized or knew.

And fall in love with taking care of yourself, because I think you're a nice person for others when you're able to respect yourself.

For all my single girls/boys out there that might feel a little lonely on this day, make this YOUR day and care for YOURSELF.

You're your own Valentine and this day should be dedicated to YOU.

Celebrate the love for yourself.

"Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place."

And......Just a little chit chat about this outfit i'm legit OBSESSED with.

The details about it give me LIFE. That heart bag & jumper is what Valentine dreams are made off, and the bow sneakers gives it that extra cute touch.

Sorry not sorry, but I'm never getting tired of my easy to wear disco pants because DISCO PANTS FOR LAIF.

Guess who's got her Valentines outfit sorted bebeeee.

Jumper - ZARA (similar)

Disco Pants - New Look

Bow Sneakers - Faith (ASOS)

Heart Bag - Monki

Baker Boy Hat - Monki

Lips - Colourpop "Succulent"

Happy Valentines Day buttercups!


Mylotte x

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