number 1 is a very cool, icy highlight (LOVE THAT ONE) in comparison to number 4 which is a more warmer highlight. The pigmentation of number 3 looks bad on the swatches but isn't like that in real life.

Number 5 is quite orangy and number 8 is a much more dark brown, which will look beautiful on people with a darker skin colour.

Makeup Revolution is a brand that I'm quite familiar with already. I love their eyeshadow palettes and the fact how cheap the products are with the quality you get for it. They have a huge range of amazing products that look so intimidating that they make you want to buy and try every single thing. I've always wished for a good contour and highlight palette that also looked fab. Makeup Revolution fulfilled my wish and I've never been more into contouring my face. I'm definitely a powder contour kinda gal. I've tried out cream contour before but I just don't really like to work with cream contour as I feel like it just moves my foundation around. So for me, powder contour for the win. If you have an oily skin, everything in powder form, Is in fact better.

The palette offers you 4 different highlighters, 2 shimmers (nr. 1,4) and 2 mattes (nr. 2,3). Also, 5 contour/bronzer colours, 3 matte (nr. 5,7,8) and 1 with a slight shimmer in (nr. 6). Bronzers both have warm and cool undertones.

The palette has a great range of shades and there's definitely something in this palette for every skin colour. But personally, I think they could've put a cooler, ashier brown one in, as for me number 6 and 8 are very similar in terms of colour.

The formula of some colours have quite a chalky texture. All the powders are very powdery as well, so be careful and make sure you tap the excess off. The pigmentation is very decent and blends in very well as they do have that soft, buttery texture. I don't tend to use the matte yellow and white colour as much, but I do love all the browns (particularly 6 and 7)! I'm really impressed how good they blend and how good the colour pay off is.

It's sad that the packaging is quite cheap, but I don't think you should expect more from something that didn't cost a fortune. So, be very carefull as scratches are easily formed.

Overall, it's a very all-round palette because of all the different colours, textures and finishes. You could for sure try a different combination every single day. The palette is very affordable and I'm definitely going to get so much use out of this!

It's also a good dupe for the NYX contour kit or the Anastasia contour kit (which is waaay more pricey).

Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro Palette

Love ,

Mylotte x

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