You know, you're doing a bit of online shopping, just casual. Until you come across the most GORGEOUS Summer dress you have ever seen. the first thought that pops into your head is : "I freakin need that." (I don't, but hey ;)).

When you're browsing a bit further on the website, they lead you to sunflower shorts, t-shirts, blouses,... But no, your eyes are directed on that slip dress only. So you think by yourself : "Just one click and it's in my shopping basket". So without hesitating, that's what you dooooo!!!

Later on, you're just sat waiting for your order (that takes blooming ages), to arrive. Hoping and praying the dress will fit you perfectly. So when it's finally there, the first thing you do, is of course, TRYING THAT DRESS ON.

And at that moment ladies and gentlemen, my new Summer catch was born. It felt like this dress was made for me, it's basically the Summer dress of dreams. Sunflowers, comfortable, perfect fit, easy to style, what more could you ask for? I know that I'm going to get so much use out of this and wear it year after year again.

It's such like a statement piece to have, so this is deffo a hightlight in my wardrobe.

I've already have gotten so many compliments on it from people walking around the street saying that they love my dress and that honestly just makes my day ♡.

Sunflower dress - Monki

Leather Jacket - Mango (Similar)

Shoes - Steve Madden

Boots - ModeMusthaves

Sunglasses - Monki

Wink Bag


Mylotte x

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