Throwing a party? Having your pals over? Want something refreshing? Guess I got it sorted for you!

As I'm not supposed to be a fan of anything that has alcohol involved, I still like to drink something refreshing during these warmer days.

Alcohol is something that's not listed in my book and it probably never will because I just don't like the taste of it. In fact, it makes me cringe a bit inside. On rare occasions, I might drink 1 glass but that's basically it.

AND THAT'S WHY MY FRIENDS, there are these amazing mocktails as an alternative WOOOOOOO.

Even though you're a huge ass alcohol lovah, you should still definitely give these mocktails a go!

They are so easy to make and I feel like there's a good right mixture for everybody as well!

I've actually played around a bit with the ingredients and managed to come up with my own recipe!!! and in my opinion, this one looks and tastes the best (LIKE HOW FANCY SCHMANSY IS THAT PURPLE COLOUR).

And let me tell you guys in true honesty and as a mocktail enthusiast, they are all soooo delicious!

Most of these mocktails make 1 or 2 servings, but you can always double the recipe If you want to!

Cranberry Lime Mocktail (based on this recipe)

5 servings

You will need :

750ml Water

240 ml Lime Juice

115ml Cranberry Juice

2 Tablespoons Honey

4 Mint Sprigs


Decoration : Lime Slices

Method :

☀ In a big jar, combine Water with Lime Juice and Mint Sprigs.

☀ Add in your honey and mix until everything is well combined.

☀ Leave the mixture for 1 hour and put a tiny bit of Cranberry juice into each glass.

☀ After an hour, remove the Mint Sprigs from the jar and pour into your glasses.

☀ Decorate with Lime Slices and Put in Ice Cubes to serve cool.

Mimosa Mocktail (based on this recipe)

1 serving

You will need :

175ml Orange juice

60 ml Sparkling Lemon Water


Decoration : Orange Slice

Method :

☀ In a jar, combine the Orange Juice with the Sparkling Lemon Water.

☀ Pour into your glass of choice and serve it with some Ice.

Virgin Pina Colada (based on this recipe)

2 servings

You will need :

300g Coconut Cream

175 ml Pineapple Juice

Optional : Sugar/Vanilla Extract


Method :

☀ Open your can of Coconut Cream and stir until the cream is combined.

☀ Pour the cream into a blender (I like to use a Nutribullet). Add in the Pineapple Juice and stir.

☀ Blend the mixture until the texture is slushy.

☀ At this point you can decide if you want your Pina Colada a bit sweeter or not. Add in a tiny bit of Sugar or Vanilla extract.

☀ Pour the liquid into 2 glasses and serve cold with lots of ice (as the liquid is quite warm because of the Nutribullet).

Grapefruit Ginger Spritzer (based on this recipe)

1 serving

You will need :

100ml Ginger Ale

40ml Grapefruit Juice


Decoration : Mint Sprigs

Method :

☀ Fill 1/3 of your glass with Grapefruit Juice and fill the remaining 2/3 with Ginger Ale.

☀ Add some Mint on top of your glass for decoration and serve with Ice.

Violet Dream Mocktail (my own recipe and FAVOURITE!!!)

1 serving

You will need :

50ml Monin Violet Syrup

50ml Grenadine Lemonade

70ml 7-up (or any other prefered lemonade)

Decoration : Orange Slice

Method :

☀ In a jar, add 50ml Violet Syrup with 50 ml Grenadine and mix until well combined.

☀ Pour 70ml 7-Up lemonade and pour it into your fancy glass.

☀ Put into the fridge until it's ready to serve cool.

☀ Cut 1 slice of an Orange and place it into your fancy mancy cocktail!



Mylotte x

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