When it's fully Summertime, I like to whip out my bronzers as my aim this time around is to look healthy and sun-kissed. And guess what, Imma try out a new one! This time Kiko Milano is taking its turn with their gorgeous limited edition Summer collection. I think it was love at first sight and let me tell you, it does exist, make-up wise anyway ;).

This is the most flattering and gorgeous make-up item in my collection so far. It just looks so luxurious for a very affordable brand! Although I'm always rather upset to ruin the beautiful pattern by putting my brush in it (tell me I'm not the only one.) Mine is in the colour "01 Sun Celebration Honey", which is the lightest one. When I swatched the bronzer in store, it was very light and soft in colour and that honestly almost threw me off from buying. I hesitated long (no surprise there) and I have to say, the packaging eventually convinced me the most. Swatching the new bronzer at home was a whole different story, the bronzer is actually HIGHLY pigmented! I'm so glad I picked it up (happy dance). However, I advise you to be careful with sweeping your brush in it because as I've said, it's very pigmented and you don't want to look like a clown, do you? I put it very light-handed on my face and that's just the way it is ♫. The bronzer is quite delicate as well, so I will recommend to handle it with care. The bronzer has a warm undertone but isn't orange at all. (HA-LLE-LU-JAH!!). The texture feels silky soft and blends in so well. It also has a very strong vanilla scent to it, but personally, that doesn't really bother me as I like to see that as a little extra.

You definitely look sun-kissed in a natural way and that's what I like YOU KNOW.

By the way, the baked print kind of reminds me of the popular MAC mineralize skin finishes, as they both have that gorgeous marble effect. And oh well, those are just bonus points!

Thank you, Kiko Milano, for creating this EXCELLENT product. I am a massive fan!

Kiko Milano - Summer 2.0


Mylotte x

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