As the sun is shining like no other recently, I thought it would be the perfect time again to take out my bicycle.

I can't believe, I haven't ridden since ages. It's so sad because I actually enjoy being in the nature with a slight breeze coming towards my face.

When I was younger, I used to ride my bicycle almost every single day (!) in Summer. No wonder where I've got those big calves from ;).

I miss those times way too much, so my aim this Summer is to STOP being lazy and to get out and ride that freakin' bike again.

Put on those sneakers and let's get cycling babyyyy.

I feel like this outfit is perfect for this occasion. It's flowy, airy and comfortable. Which I like the sound of, because the least thing you should worry about during your bike ride, are uncomfortable clothes, right?

Recently I've been LOVING the culotte style trousers. They are so easy to wear and I love the idea that the fabric is super light and that therefore they are pur-fect for a sunny day.

You could wear this jumpsuit completely on it's own but I had in mind to wear a white T-Shirt underneath it, as I think it makes it a little bit more casual and I just loved the combination style.

The one item that can't lack with a comfortable outfit, are ofcourse ya good pair of sneakers (which I actually wear most of my life, regardless if it's for a comfortable outfit or nah).

I've also been loving the 'beachy waves' look recently, as I think it adds those summer vibes into your look. I actually like my hair out of my face when I'm cycling, as I don't want hair flying everywhere. So I put it in a high ponytail and I think my hair actually looks kinda funny, yet cool with those waves haha.

Culotte Jumpsuit - ASOS Missguided

T-Shirt - Primark

Necklace - H&M

Shoes - Stradivarius

Do you often ride your bicycle? What are your aims this summer?

Love ,

Mylotte x

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