It's that time of the year again, where.......

EXAMS ARE APPROACHING AND I'm not even readyyyy.

If you didn't already know, I'm a very stressfull person and that's not something to cheer for.

I might not show that I'm stressed on the outside, but on the inside I'm dying, and I don't always even know that myself.

I discovered this a while back when I've had my stomach aches. To deal with my stress, unwinding is the best way possible.

So, I'm going to share with you, the 6 things I like to do to come back to life without being stressed

1) Listen to Disney music

As a HUGE Disney lover, I feel more relaxed when I listen to Disney music.

Any kind of Disney music makes me feel like I can handle the world again, the music is so positive, it's impossible not to be happy.

The dialogues and magical music takes me to another world ( ♫ A WHOLE NEEEEW WOOOOOORLD ♫ ).

I've actually always wanted to be a Disney Princess in Disneyland (is that lame?) Specifically Ariel or Belle ( I can keep on dreaming...)

I also like to listen to other songs. I've made a list on Spotify called "RELAX TRACKS" which is basicially to de-stress and to let your worries go.

But, my personal favourite album is my "OLD SONGS ARE THE BEST" album, which I genuinely LOVE.

Nothing better than dancing around and jamming to nostalgic classics.

2) Meditate

I like to meditate every single day. I meditate at 8pm and it's a moment of me. After a schoolday or a day where I feel stressed it's the perfect way to de-stress. It's a moment where I focus on my breathing. I listen to my inhale and exhale and try to forget everything that's on my mind. I like to use the app called "Calm" because you can listen to your favorite sounds like the sea (which is my favourite), the woods, raindrops and so on. You can do exercises focused on your breath only or you can meditate, which I prefer to do. You basically sit somewhere comfortable (your bed, the floor, a chair,...) and you listen to a woman's voice who tells you what to do, like inhaling and exhaling and not focusing on something else except on your breath). I love to use this app and it really helps me to take a step back, and to drift away from reality.

3) Walkies with Moki

There's nothing better than going into the nature and getting that vitamine D you need when you're feeling stressed. I like to take my poochie out for a walk and she enjoys it as well (which is a win-win situation).

When I'm on my own, I think about everything that's on my mind that day or when I'm with someone, I like to talk about nice/positive things.

Moki, or dogs in general make me feel relaxed and jolly at the same time. It's proven that petting a dog/other cute animal of choice makes you happy and I can't deny that.

4) Have a pamper evening

I like to have a pamper evening every single Sunday. It's not that I'm stressed on Sundays (who is stressed on a Sunday?) I feel like Sunday is just the best day to relax.

I like to go all out with face masks, moisturizers, scrubs and so on. I'm a beauty addict, so for me that helps me to get onto something that I like the most, which is trying out/using beauty products.

A bath with a bath bomb fizzing and a candle burning is just the ultimate way of relaxing.

And let's be honest, there's no better feeling than feeling clean and fresh right?

5) Reading

I love to read at anytime throughout the day, being at magazines or a good book.

I've always been someone who absolutely loves to be losing my thoughts into a book.

Yet, I have to say, I don't reach for it as often as I would like to. The only time I reach for a book is when I'm on my holibobs or when I have to read for school (which is the only task they don't punish me with :)).

I'm also a big fan of cooking/baking magazines, as I'm much into good food and as I LOVE to try out new recipes or discover new products.

6) Baking

Speaking about baking, that must be top up my favorioute thing to do.

As I've already said, I like to try out new recipes, no matter if they're healthy or not so healthy at all.

I always like to bake when there's no one in the house (turn up the volume and dance around whilist cracking those eggs :)), otherwise I feel a bit under pressure if it's going to turn out alright or not.

Most of the time it does, but it's fine when it doesn't. You learn from it and then you know that you should NEVER make that again haha.

I hope I helped some of you out who also need a calm down. If you suffer with stress and you want a little chat, you can always DM me on twitter or send me a message via the"Contact" button :).

WE CAN KICK STRESSES BUTT AND ROCK THE EXAMS (cause I believe, we can do this together :))


Mylotte x

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