When my teacher announced a couple of months ago that she had planned a trip to Oxford and Bath in May, there wasn't a single thing in me that would've ever thought to say no. Certainly, I want to go!!! (that rhymes lol)

Months went by quickly and I suddenly realised "Omg, I'm going on a trip this weekend."

I was all over the place and I hadn't planned a single thing yet, total chaos in my head! Luckily I had everything I needed and I think the most important thing to bring was my happiness, which never fails to go with me anyway :).

Day 1

We were going with the bus to Calais, where we took the boat to England and then drove back up to Oxford.

Our trip with the bus was so much fun because we basically sang the whole journey through and there is literally nothing better than singing along to good songs with your friends.

I was slightly excited to get on the boat as it was my first-ever experience. Although, I knew I wouldn't get boatsick because I'm quite resident against those sorts of things.

The only thing we did on the boat was a photoshoot whilist it was still beautiful and clear outside, which I personally didn't mind at all.

We stayed in the "YHA" hostel in Oxford. Which offered everything a hostel could offer. Nice spacious rooms, great beds and a lovely breakfast.

Day 2

Day 2

The first day we went to the Covered Market, where I felt a bit restrained from everything. There was just a specific atmosphere that I didn't really like. After the market, we had some free time to explore Oxford and to do a bit of shopping. At the end, we still had to eat, but because we couldn't find anything "proper" we decided to go to the classic old Pizza Hut ( because, can you ever go wrong with pizza?)

My favorite anecdote was when we had to ask the bill, I said to my friend he had to ask it to OUR waiter, but he replied me seriously : "DO YOU STILL KNOW WHO THAT WAS?" when the same waiter literally passed by our table for about 10 times, haha.

After that we also did a ghost tour with a guide who did some epic tricks along the tour.

And can we speak about how beautiful Oxford University is? Imagine studying there, how amazing would that be? I'm pretty jealous of the students.

Day 3

The second day, we set off to visit Stonehenge. I didn't expect a lot of it, as it's basically just a couple of stones standing there, haha. Yet it's nice to see it once in a lifetime and it's nice when you can say you've already seen it or that it's something that you can tick off your bucketlist :).

After visiting Stonehenge, we went to the City of Bath, which I was excited for because Bath was on my list of "places I really want to visit". The first thing we did was having lunch in Marks & Spencer, I really wanted to have macaroni, yet my friends had the last two and I had to make another decision (Am I the only one that hates to make another decision in 2 seconds?) But luckily I still had a nice meal as I went for a delicious British Pie. After lunch, we had a tour around Bath were we came across the nice buildings Bath has to offer. My favourite sightseeing was the circus. It had something special which made me really like it. We also sat down at Costa where I had a massive slab of carrot cake with walnuts and a latte with gingerbread (that combination reminded me of autumnnnnn :)).

The weather in general actually didn't let me down, it was really nice compared to what the weater channel had predicted. We only had a few raindrops in Bath.

Day 4

The last morning, we sadly packed up our suitcases to head home. But before heading off, we first visited the Christ Church College. I absolutely loved this place, everything was so pretty and I feel like I didn't have enough eyes to look at everything. Not being a crazy Harry Potter fan (can you believe I haven't seen one movie???) I still liked to see the famous "Great hall". I also loved that the college had a theme of Alice In Wonderland (because, DISNEY!!!).

At our trip back home, I was tired because I hadn't slept properly for 2 days and we ofcourse walked a lot (my legs need time to recover, you know).

I took so many photographs and when I look back at them, I instantly get drawn into the fun times we had.

I literally wanted to take a photo of everything I stood in front of and I definetly want to visit Bath once more again as I felt it was such a nice place and I didn't see enough of it.

Not gonna lie, when I came home I wanted to cry (I'm oh so sensitive baby) just because I didn't want it to end, I had such a great time and I had to pick up the normal day routine again. Although, the next day I skipped the first 2 hours of school, haha.

I love to make memories and this trip is FOR SURE one to always remember and to never forget.

It's amazing to get to know your friends more while you're with eachother 24/7 for 3 days in a row.

Big kiss to all of you.

Love ,

Mylotte x

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