When the leaves start turning yellow and brown, you know it's official autumn. I love when it's still sunny outside but the weather starts to get a little more crispy. Autumn is definetly one of my favorite seasons (I probably say that with every season lol).

Get the brown rusty colours out of your closet, or the mustard colours, which I have been obsessed with this autumn.

I also made the dark purple lip work for the first time and in combination with the mustard I think it makes the perfect concoction.

When the temperature starts to drop, I love to wear tights, boots and my suede button A-line skirt. The floppy hat made his way on my head ass well this year.

Fun fact : I actually returned the mustard shirt as I didn't feel very comfortable in it and replaced it with a chunky mustard sweater, which was way more my cup of tea :)

Button skirt - OASAP

Floppy hat - Primark

Flower shirt - Primark

Coat - OASAP

Tights - Primark

Chelsea boots - BOOHOO

Lipstick - NYX Transylvania

Love ,

Mylotte x

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