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As you may or may not know, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most famous fashion bloggers around the world. I love her style (and the fact she's got amazing dark eyebrows) and I love her collection that she brought out in 2015 (doesn't time go FAST?)

I wasn't able to buy anything from the collection because I sadly can't afford the price (yay for being a student).

But when I stumbled upon this beauty, I knew I had to get it. You can't do wrong with a long black handbag and the eyes give it the extra touch I love.

I actually don't like to buy copies from original brands, but I think It's also not a crime when you do sometimes.

If you love something and it's way cheaper than the original, buy it because life is too short (that's what I always use as an excuse anyway haha)

And now... I'm going to get my camembert out of the oven because I'm STARVING, haha.

Trench Vest - Sarah Pacini (vintage)

White Turtle Neck Body - BOOHOO

Necklace - H&M

Eye Bag - Copy from the Chiara Ferragni collection

Skirt - Think Twice Vintage

Tights - Primark

Chelsea Boots - BOOHOO

Love ,

Mylotte x

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