Personally I'm a person whose more into matte bronzers, mostly because I have the most oily skin you can ever imagine.

But nevertheless, I fell in love with the L'oréal Glam Bronze La Terra, which has got the tiniest bit of shimmer in it.

Last summer I picked this bronzer up because I was immediatly drawn by the beautiful packaging.

I love how big the packaging is, although that might not be so practical to take it into your make-up bag (however I'm making it work).

I picked it up in the colour 02 capri-naturale which is the medium one.

As you can see the print on the bronzer is sort of like an aztecy print. Which I think makes it a little more special.

I actually don't want to stick my brush in it. However, it's also sad to leave it on the side and not try it out and use it, right? ;)

If I swatch the bronzer on my hand, it looks quite like it would turn you into a carrot. But if I blend it nicely onto my skin it's not like that at all. I actually love how it looks on my face, it gives me the healthy glow I can definetely use.

The pigmentation is amazing and I already know I'm going to have a lot of use out of this.

It blends lovely, it's not orange on the face and I love the packaging, especially for summer. It immediately takes me back to the summer spirit during these cold winter days. In the meantime, I've used it quite a lot already and yes this now definetly belongs to my bronzer staple.

Note : When I took these blog pictures, it was more an experiment and I didn't know I was actually going to use these for my blog. It's not really what I wanted it to be. Yet this is my first review and I want to grow, so I'm pleased with how it looks (giving myself a pat on the back).

L'oréal Paris Glam Bronze La Terra

Love ,

Mylotte x

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