New year's resolutions, such a huge cliché.

Yet, I'm guilty as well. I do set myself a couple goals each year. Which certainly doesn't mean I hold on to every single one of them.

My main resolution of 2016 was "uploading more Instagram photos", basically to get me out of my comfortzone. I feel like I did quite alright with that one.

In 2017, I want to step it up a tiny bit. I want to change more in a positive way.

I want to make it a positive year of change.

In general, I want more self-care, physically and mentally.

1. Taking more care of my skin

First of all, I want to put more effort into my skincare (Not gonna lie, been quite bad at that over the last year). I do wear makeup most days, so I have to take care of my skin in the best way possible. Although, I never go to sleep without taking my make-up off, that's honestly the worst thing you could do. But sometimes, I'm a little bit lazy to do my whole skincare-routine. To change that I'm planning to buy good skincare products to get me in the moisturizing mood :)

2. Declutter my bedroom

When I look around my room, I see a right old mess. To be honest, my bedroom has NEVER been completely clean and organised. Which is so bad. I have to get my handy hands out and declutter everything and make my room pinterest-worthy. I love to buy decorations and styling my bedroom, so what's the problem than? I think it's just the thought of moving and sorting everything out that kind of throws me off.

3. Stop doubting

If you know me, you know that I'm the worst at making decisions. It sometimes drives me and the people around me crazy. Time goes twice as fast because of my doubting and that sucks. It's just something that I really want to get rid of and when I'm going to focus more on it, I hope it's going to succeed step by step.

4. Getting more organized

It's not that I'm the worst at it, but can you ever be too organized? I already bought some new stationery, new pens, new rubbers, new everything. I also bought a notebook to write everything down that comes to my mind. 'Cause honestly, how many times has something popped into year head and you've said you will remember that. 99.9% you're going to forget it. So whenever something comes to my mind, I write it down. That makes me so much more organized, which I feel so smiley about. BE PRODUCTIVE FRIENDS.

5. Reducing stress

Stress feels as a habit to me. Recently, I had bad problems with my stomach. When I went to the doctors, he told me it's all because of one big evildoer "STRESS". Mostly I stress about school. In my opinion, teachers ask way to much. and sometimes the deadlines or the assignments get a little too much for me. I'm not a perfectionist, I just do what's expected from me. But right now, I want to take it easy and not stress about a deadline. I think it's more important to take care of yourself than over-working. Work hard but don't let it get to your health.

6. Launching my blog

That's definetly going to be the biggest milestone of 2017. I've been working on my blog since september, and I can't wait to be launching the page I've been working on for so long now. This is really out of my comfortzone and I don't think it's bad to step out of it. I'm only 17 and it's better to start right now. The earlier you begin, the better you can experience and develop. Without being to cocky, I'm proud of myself I took the risk. And I don't think it's bad at all to give yourself some credit.

Have you stick to your new year's resolutions?


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